CTD Indices produces new China Lithium Mining Index

China is increasingly dominating the supply of what’s been described as “white petroleum,” the soft, silvery metal lithium, seen as key to the momentum-gathering electric vehicle (EV) revolution.

The CTDI China Lithium Mining Index is comprised of 14 Chinese companies that produce, process, and refine lithium or provide equipment or services to the sector. With China keeping a close eye on rising prices the CTD Index will track the key producers, processors, and refiners in this sector.

After Elon Musk complained that lithium — the ubiquitous raw material needed in electric vehicle batteries — was trading at insane levels, and China’s authorities in March pushed key industry players to act, prices briefly began to cool. Now, they’re rising again to add pressure on automakers.

Paul Hsu – CEO CTD Indices said “Demand for lithium has continued to surge thanks to its application in Electric Vehicles and batteries. Investing in lithium ETFs is one of the easiest ways to ride its growing trend. There are very few ETF’s that focus specifically on lithium. However, many include lithium companies as major holdings in their portfolios.

By 2027 the lithium market is expected to grow to $4.93B, up from $3.39B in 2020, and investing in ETFs is one of the easiest ways to make money. 

For more information on the CTDI China Lithium Miners Index and other related China focused indices visit Our Indices – CTD Indices or e-mail info@ctdindices.com.